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“We don’t dream about success.

We plan and work for it.”


Eddie Feliciano

Chief Executive Officer

Eddie fell in love with food early on in life in his grandmother Bernalda’s kitchen in Puerto Rico. People who know him best, know that he is happiest in the kitchen cooking and serving something delicious to the people he loves.

Eddie has been working with restaurants, helping them to open and thrive in some of the most competitive markets in the country, for over 25 years. He has a real passion for the industry that extends far beyond his profession.  It is a way of life for him. 


He has held various senior management positions and has worked on some amazing projects such as; The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Hard Rock Hotel, Sundance, Palms Hotel, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and helped them bring some of their most creative and ambitious concepts to life.


For him food is way of expression, a way to share an experience or special moment. He believes in creating memories through food that can last a lifetime. Memories like the ones he carries with him from his grandmother's kitchen and that made him fall in love with food. 


John Nevarez

Chief Marketing Officer

John loves people. Since childhood, he has been fascinated by what makes people tick. Engaging, friendly and fun, his greatest value in life is connection. Helping people achieve their vision energizes and enriches him because he is fully enrolled in what you want to achieve.


A never-ending curiosity drives John to constantly learn more about how people think and how best to provide them with the unforgettable moments that we all strive to give our guests. 



He has over 20 years of Food and Beverage experience and has worked with some of the most exclusive Nightlife and Daylife operations in the country. Body English, Vanity, Rehab Pool, Life is Beautiful, and Marquee are just some of the exciting entities John has brought his creative outlook and customer driven focus to. 


Guest experience is his top-line priority, believing that every guest deserves the best. That ideal has led him in establishing long term relationships and expanding outreach through digital media. Combining old school standards with cutting edge technology to connect with and enhance the experience of more people than ever before. Allowing him to create "the experience before the experience."


David sikorski

Director of operations

David is a diverse food service manager with over three decades of successful senior management experience

David specializes in financial management, client relationships, performance improvement plans, and people analytics tools. A strong believer in the power of positive thinking in the workplace, David has experience with many different styles of food and beverage operations. Brewpubs, hotels, corporate dinning, Higher education food services, franchises, and remote catering.


The greatest lesson David has learned in his professional career has been to treat others as you would want to be treated and to confide in your team. He also believes that the greatest successes have come from learning ad growing with the team

Lessons learned over the years’ in the service industry David recognized what he is most uplifted by and driven by is this idea of servant leadership. It is a style of management that is essential, to serve is to lead. You, the servant, have led everyone involved to a better experience, whatever it is.



1630 30th St. Ste A #504

Boulder CO, 80301

  Tel: 303-801-4968

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