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Things to think about before re-opening.

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

With restrictions on restaurants being lifted in Colorado a few weeks ago, it's important that we all know the best practices for reopening our venues. In this article we will discuss the most pertinent information as well as link to the resources you need to reopen in compliance with new guidelines.

First things first. You'll want to implement symptom monitoring protocols for employees. What does that mean? Well, aside from asking sick employees to stay home and staying vigilant, you should also introduce workplace temperature monitoring and symptom screening questions. Additionally, encourage anyone with symptoms to visit the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's symptom tracker here.

Next of course are the basics. 50% occupancy with a 50 person limit, parties have to sit 6 at least feet apart, limit party sizes to 8, no self-service, employees must wear masks, encourage patio seating and of course, clean, clean, clean.

Naturally, you must require all vendors to wear face masks when delivering product and train your staff to practice elevated hygiene standards. Hand sanitizer in checkout areas and clear signage enforcing the new guidelines is also a must. As are clear floor markings delineating 6-foot distances and marking the direction of foot traffic. These rules in further detail can be seen in the PDF's at the bottom of the page.

In closing, with some work and a little vigilance, we can all begin the journey back to normalcy. If you'd like a simpler, more profitable journey back to normalcy, click here for a free consultation and we'll take all of the guess-work out of the process for you!

Dine In Service Guidance
Download PDF • 599KB

Reopening Considerations Guidebook
Download PDF • 5.03MB

Indoor Seating Guidance
Download PDF • 207KB

Counter Service Birdseye
Download PDF • 246KB

Converted space venue Birdseye
Download PDF • 196KB

Large Venue Birdseye
Download PDF • 260KB

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's symptom tracker:

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